How to Fix MacBook Overheating Issues

Fahim Foysal Prince

How to Fix MacBook Overheating Issues (2023 Best Way)

Overheating issues are a big problem for every laptop user. Now our Mac Legend shows you how to laptop overhit and how to solve this overheating problem on your MacBook. Many things could be causing your MacBook to overheat. Now we talk about all of this overheating problem.

Why does my MacBook get so hot?

Many things can be hot on your MacBook. The most common and normal reason is something that could be blocking the vents, or its internal issue, or working in direct sunlight. It has some more problems by using MacBook, at the same time using more browser tabs, multitasking, or stopping working cooling fans. Your MacBook may be heating up because it’s trying to perform too many operations at the same time that you give your machine processing. When you use a browser or several power-hungry apps running at the same time that makes your MacBook heat up.

You have to follow the below list that why my MacBook gets so hot.

  • Block the Vents
  • Work in direct sunlight
  • Open too many browser tabs
  • Your multitasking work
  • The Activity Monitor for misbehaving apps
  • Stop working the cooling fans

1. Block the vents

Now we talk about the very important thing that we can’t find out any solution in our laptop. When you use your laptop on your lap or work in bed. When you work laptop on your sofa form-fitting surface. That makes your vents block that trapped hot air inside and stopped circulation. This is the first tool for shedding heat. 

So you should use something like Book, laptop stand or some other flat surface that provides a clear path for air through the vents.

2. Work in direct sunlight 

We have to know that MacBook has an ideal range of operating temperatures. Apple recommends a range for MacBook temperatures between 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t use your MacBook under direct sunlight. It can overheat your machine and be dangerous.

3. Open too many browser tabs

A lot of using browser tabs at the same time is very harmful because it makes your machine hot.No matter what kind of tabs or what kind of Mac you have, try to limit your browser to fewer than a dozen tabs at the same time. It does not depend on which type of browser you use, it depends on how many browsers you use at the same time that make your MacBook hot.

You have to close any non-essential tabs if your system is starting to run hot. It helps to take the load off the CPU.

4. Your multitasking work

You should not open many programs at the same time in your browser. When you use many programs at the same time your Mac will hang or it’ll be working slowly. That’s why your Macbook temperature will be high.

5. The activity monitor for misbehaving apps

Every CPU has some apps that put a significant load. Normally it happens by misbehaving on the apps, the in fact remains that it can cause your CPU to run hot. You should check your apps with the activity monitor for your Macbook safety.

1. Open Finder on your Mac.

2. Click on Applications.

3. Click on Utilities.

4. Click on Activity Monitor.

5. If you want to make sure which apps using a high percentage then select the CPU tab to see which apps are using a high percentage of the CPU’s available resources. 

6. If you see something monopolizing the CPU, when you see the apps which not important to you and you don’t need to use them, close those apps. 

6. Stop working the cooling fans

Macbook cooling fans always work on your Mac cool. If your Macbook cooling fans stop working then your Macbook will be overheating. 

What should we do to avoid overheating:

  1. Don’t block the vents
  2. Don’t work in direct sunlight
  3. Close browser tabs you’re not using
  4. Physically clean your Mac
  5. Update your Mac
  6. Reset the SMC
  7. Keep your Macbook up to date

1. Don’t block the vents:

Many times we use our laptop on our lap or work in bed, But we should not work on our laptop sitting on soft, form-fitting surfaces. When we use its fitting surface it blocks the vents. That’s why many times our Macbook gets overheated. If you are blocking the vents then it can’t circulation the hot air. So we should clear the path of the air circulation area. This is the first thing we have to mind it.

2. Don’t work in direct sunlight:

You have to avoid working on a laptop in direct sunlight. When you use it in direct sunlight the temperatures will be up to 95 Fahrenheit. You should avoid this sunlight must.

3. Close browser tabs you’re not using:

When you open lots of browsers but there has some browser that is not important for your work. You should close this browser cause each browser is related to laptop memory that consumes CPU cycles. That’s why the more you open a new browser, the more CPU cycles and lost energy. That makes your laptop hot also.

4. Physically clean your MacBook:

Just as it is very important to keep ourselves clean every day, keeping our laptops clean is also very important. We should everyday clean our Macbook. That is why our Macbook keyboard, Vents, and Display work properly. Many times dust in our Macbook makes causes overheating of our laptop. 

5. Update your Mac:

You have to notice when your Mac wants an update. You should update your Macbook at the right time. Apple releases fixes to performance issues on your Macbook with every software update. Many times your overheating problem is also solved by the latest updates. 

6. Reset the SMC:

SMC Means System Management Controller. SMC is in charge of Mac’s vents system, among other things. when you see your Mac overheating without reason, maybe you need to reset the SMC will work for you.

7. Keep your MacBook up to date:

At the last good advice for you that any problems or concerns you have with your Macbook. You should make sure that your Mac and all software and firmware updates are installed.

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